Notes on Yi De Kun’s Wu Shin Ba Gua Tai Chi Chuan

Wu Shin – 5 elements

Ba Gua – 8 trigrams


Tai Chi – Count it with Math – Use it with Spirit – Control it with Logic.


The I Ching says, “Method is made up of one yin and one yang. Yang is positive, yin negative. Yin produces yang; yang produces yin.  They produce, control and destroy each other.”

The changes of yin and yang are the root of the method.  The I Ching is the text describing the method of change.

This form is based on the coordination of yin with yang moving naturally. This form walks on the 5 elements, attacks to the Ba Gua, promoting health and longevity.

The I Ching and Tai Chi Chuan

Both are studied and practiced to promote long life and develop a noble spirit

I is change, transaction, method.  The nature of existence is change. This is the truth.

The Ba Gua
The inside is the modern tai chi.  This symbolizes the interaction of yin and yang.  The 2 appearances lead to the four appearances giving the 8 trigrams

Merits of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi is different from other martial arts. it has 3 main merits:

  1. Tai Chi uses inner force. Uses the heart to guide chi to every part of the body. Mind body and chi move together, guarding the internal center, in accordance with the changes of nature
  2. Tai Chi focuses in relay, deep, soft, link, and circle. Like a river always moving
  3. Tai Chi is artistry, intention and character. It raises energy, spirit and mind from the internal

3 points

  1. Raise vital energy, develop healthy trends.  Let the vital energy enter blood and bones, building the root of life.
  2. Develop chi. Let strength enter the muscles to build the body
  3. Practice stances and technique.  Act according to circumstances to make the motions beautiful.

The 3 phase for practicing Tai Chi

  1. Desire to know the method – Learning a form is like memorizing an essay with your body and mind.
  2. Diligent study and training hard – Practice Practice Practice
  3. Study seriously the method

The Nine Palaces

Footwork for this style starts from the center and moves to qian, kun, kan, li, xun, zhen, tui, and gen.  All eight directions and the center make nine endlessly circulating


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