It’s not a word, but it means what I intend to happen.  This year, I am going thru all my possessions and getting rid of that which I haven’t used, am not using, and seriously don’t ever anticipate using.

This means a lot of books for sure.  I am gonna keep only the favored fiction and all crafting.  I am gonna get rid of old school books – most of ’em, books I haven’t touched in years.

I stay fairly current in clothing, but I could reduce the amount of clothes and shoes.  I have 3 pairs of tennis shoes, but I alternate and wear every pair.

I am gonna go thru my yarn and fabric and sell/give away whatever I have that I do not see using.  It is sad, but true, that I kinda want more room for quilting fabric.  I know I determined that I was gonna stick with 12 bins.  But I really think my quilts look best with as many different fabrics as possible.  I don’t really love quilts that have only a few coordinated fabrics.  I like the chaos of tons of different fabrics contained in a pattern.

Hardware stuff I am

It is difficult to know what I will ever use and I hate to get rid of something and a year later find out I needed it, but I do feel the pressure of owning too much stuff.  The responsibility of owning too much stuff.  I don’t like it.  Like, we here in america are using more than our fair share of the global resources and I feel hoarding stuff I am not using is on par with that.  I think the TTC (tao te ching) tries to teach do and have what is necessary and not go to excesses in any case.  Hard to do in this materialistic culture.

I think I do ok, but I know I am not doing my best.

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