Jury Duty

I had it yesterday. I have it today. The coldest week so far of winter and I have jury duty.  They don’t allow knitting needles. ARGH!  I am taking my bamboo ones and some crochet hooks.  We’ll see.  I hope they get thru so I have something other than reading to do.  I didn’t get called (yet) for a jury – I am just in the pool of availables.

I do not mind this civic duty, but to not allow knitting needles and still allow pens and pencils is ridiculous.  A sharpened pencil is more dangerous than any of my knitting needles.

I am still pissed off that I can’t bring my knitting needles.  Yes, I can understand we don’t want weapons at the courthouse, but how are circular knitting needles more dangerous than the aforementioned or a belt or a shoe lace?  They aren’t, so why can’t I bring them?

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