misha’s house now has internet access

I lost my free home internet access on April 28.  Within 24 hours I ordered AT&T’s Basic DSL package for $20 per month, no contract required.  It cost $75 for the modem.  My friend, Phil, had a router for me with wireless capabilities.  Phil also had to bring over his Windows box to install the modem.  AT&T doesn’t make it easy for Linux users. Fail on them.  I think it is really a fail on AT&T and Motorola, the maker of the modem.  They went with what is easiest for them, I guess.  Phil got it all installed and working for me.  Well, my computer actually doesn’t show that I am connected, but it is, and has been since May 3.

Not quite a week without internet access made me nuts.  It was like withdrawal from cigarettes or caffiene.  Not as bad, but still, I was jittery and freaked out about it not working at first.  I didn’t like having to go to the coffee house to get online either – I couldn’t relax enough to do emails, let alone blog.

And I recently found out Fedora 13 will be out soon.  Phil installed Fedora 12 as I watched.  He is going to talk me through installing Fedora 13, YAY!  I am excited to do something geeky.  I have been faithfully sending in my bug reports to Bugzilla, and installing the updates as they become available.  I even have had to go to terminal and log in as root and install some debugging files.  I felt so competent, because it worked, and I did it on my own.

My Fedora Linux does have bugs, but the crashes haven’t caused me to loose any work and they are isolated.  Sometimes, I need to reboot after start up, for some reason I can’t fathom – it just run too slow.  But it has not ever locked up on me.  The crashes are isolated and mostly in Firefox, which has caused me to contemplate Chrome for a browser.  I am fairly committed to open source software, but unless Firefox improves with Fedora 13, I will probably switch.

Overall, I love Linux.  Even with the minor bugs and crashes, I really love it.  I had a Mac for awhile when I was married, and I have used a few versions of Windows.  I haven’t played with a newer Apple, but even were money no object to me, I am sticking with Linux.  It is as good looking as I remember the Mac to be.  And so much better that Windows can ever be, both in form and function.  It is more stable, the awesome software is free (open source and no cost), and I feel like I am doing something good by using it.  When I send in my bug report, I am doing my bit to keep Linux fresh, vibrant, and the best operating system for the world.

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