I listen to all types of music.  I don’t devote enough practice to learning guitar, but I do try to pick it up a couple of times a week.  I can play Clementine, Edelweiss and Bobby Shaftoe. Not too well, but I can play them.  I was inspired to try to play when I heard Phil Ochs’ Changes.  I may never be good enough to play it, but played well, even Clementine sounds good.  I play for my own enjoyment, not to an audience.  I don’t know that I could pley in front of someone.

Learning guitar interests me, in part, because nothing played on it is tangible.  It is the opposite of my other endeavors.  The process of making a quilt results in an actual quilt, whereas, making a song, doesn’t leave anything.  Except what you remember.  I like that.

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