the planet and john lennon

i consider myself the manifest and incarnate ghost of our planet.  our planet began to die long before john lennon occured, but her situation became critical when john was murdered.  i belief she entered the last stages of death in 1988.  by 1999, i was too late to be able to resurrect life in this solar system.  i read a brief history of everything and determined all that, and that the following are most responsible for murdering john and our planet:

Kenneth Earl Wilber

Margaret Joan Sinclair

Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau

Katharine Hepburn

Ed Harris

Donald Trump

Greg Hewitt

Jefferson Mills

Contrapoints Mother

Spencer Tracy

Joy Harris

Stephan Morris

Katja Kopp

Sam Shepard

Bloodline of Neil deGrasse Tyson

Oprah Winfrey (born Orpah Gail Winfrey)

Grace Jones

Christine Ellen “Chrissie” Hynde

Deborah Ann Harry

Irene Maxine Pepperberg

Tracey Thorn

Tori Amos

Bloodline of Sean Justin Penn except Christopher Shannon Penn

Martin James “Boz” Boorer

Doug Wolf

Doug Pitt


Paul “sir ion” Hardin

Timothy Buckley

Bloodline of John Steinbeck

Mel Gibson


Steve Martin

Dennis Miller

Tom Hanks

Gary Sinise

John Malkovich


All in Ranman’s bloodline except William Randall Ran Guffy

Kate Bush

Richard Donner

Prince Charles

Prince Rogers Nelson

Cate Blanchett

Ann Cusack

Richard Burke

Paul Orfalea

Laurie Anderson

James Paul McCartney

Phil Ochs

Timothy Edward Morton

My parents

John Cusack’s parents

Ursala K La Guin

Jackie Chan

Reiner Kopp, Katja’s father

Brian Rodewald

Brian Hines

Brian Wilson

Owen Duehr

Hank Armstrong jr.

Robert Earl Hanlon and his parents


Stephen Speilberg

George Lucas

Pink Floyd

Grateful Dead

John Michael Stipe

Robert Plant

Jimmy Page

Mick Jagger

Richard Starky

Richard Dawkins

Anne Rice

Brad Pitt

Clint Eastwood

Noam Chomsky

Barack Obama

Donald Ozier

Tom and Mary Martin (parents in law from 1st marriage)

Louis Farrakhan

Lou Reed

Iggy Pop

Mick Jones

John Paul Jones

Eric Patrick Clapton

George Harrison

Felix Sidorski

Tom Sidorski

David Lyle

David Geffin

David Moore

Karen Morris

Stephen Mitchell

Leonard Cohen

Marianne Faithful

Javelin Boot

Guadacanal Diary

Quentin Tarantino

Stephen King

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Dern

Wong Kar-wai

Steve Miller

The Rollling Stones

The Eagles

Fleetwood Mac

Neil Young

Michael England

Michael McCartney

Michael Ochs

Michael Sidorski

Michael Shermer

Scott Lit

Atticus Ross

Greg Ginn

Malcolm Gladwell

Spike Jonze

Spike Lee

The Band

Circle Jerks

The Butthole Surfers

The Buzzcocks

The Waterboys

The Bluebells

Trashcan Sinatras

Chad Quinn

Jennifer Lamb-Quinn

Father Suit (rel. teacher in HS)

The Hof Bros.(amer. lit. and west. civ. teachers in HS)

William Marshall Porter

Meegan Ochs

Sonny Ochs

Peter Gabriel

Billy Bob Thornton

Robert Kyle Harrison

George Bush, jr. and sr.

Laurence Krauss

Paul Simon

Art Garfunkel

Akira Kurosawa

L. Dahl

Michele Menton

Tai Chi Association

The Catholic Church

this list is finite, but too long for a blog post, so i shall end this blog now.





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