There is nothing I can say to offset the tragedy of that day.  I am no less over him now than I was 30 years ago.  Although, I understand the world a little better than I did as a 13 year old.  Well, maybe understand is the wrong word.  I am less emotional in my 40s than I was when I was a teenager.

I heard the news via radio as I did my homework.  As word of his death sunk into my mind, I found myself weeping.   Even now, I can’t help but cry.  The voice that gave us “Imagine” should not have been unnaturally silenced.  John‘s music has influenced me throughout my life.  Born in 1967, I am part of a culture that, for  me, never didn’t have The Beatles.  My dad used to sing “Michelle” to me.  We heard them on the radio, a lot.

I remember being in the backseat of our neighbor’s Cadillac and hearing “Imagine” as we went for ice cream.  I think it was 1976; I know it was Summer; we were all in swimsuits.  Everyone was quiet, eating and listening to the music.  I was just nine years old, but those words had a big impact on me.  With that song, John planted a seed in me that has grown into my practice of Daoism.

I started today listening to the single “Watching The Wheels” and its B-side “Yes, I’m Your Angel”:




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