Mrs. Vandebilt with Variation

Hi, y’all!  I know it has been awhile since I posted anything.  I have been busy doing summer things.   Lately, when I am on the computer, I have been listening to Mrs. Vandebilt by Wings and various covers of it.  I can’t stop, especially the original version from Band On The Run.  It was released in 1974, but not as a single in the US.  This is one I discovered in the 80s.  I always loved it, and it has really got me right now.  The music is so fantastic – that bass is sooo freakin’ awesome, and the melody is really good too.

I am glad there were some covers available.  I like hearing varied renditions of songs.  This one is from somewhere in Paris, I think.  Here is another charming version.  Both of those are strummed and acoustic.  Here is an electric cover from a band.  If you are looking for a demo of the bass, you have a choice.  This one is good, but short.  Here is the complete bass played out to the song – really amazing bass playing, very worth watching.  I don’t play bass, but I was mesmerized.  Here is Paul in Quebec playing live.  And this one is acoustic and fingerpicked – really awesome!

Eight versions – all of them good.  Have fun.


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  1. First time I heard Mrs. Vandebilt was in a short video on the net around 2007. I have been searching for this video ever since they don’t have it on that particular site any more. The video is of a short thin man who walks into a room full of women slow dancing together. The man does a Charlie Chaplin like dance to imprese the ladies. I was sad at the time and It brought me great joy. I would watch it every day. One of the ladies in the video may have been Mindy Sterling from the Austin Powers movies.

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