Getting Started With The Gimp

My adventure with Fedora Linux continues.  I am learning how to use image/photo editing software known as the Gimp.  It looks to be as good as Photoshop for my purposes.  The following are videos I think helpful:

GIMP Tutorial Basics

Gimp Basics

Cool tricks about the Gimp interface – GIMP tutorial

There are many, many videos on the Gimp.  Most of them are specialized and not for beginners, but if you know what you are looking for, you can probably find it.


5 Responses

  1. Oh, so that is what Gimp is for! Ya know, I’m a Linux novice and there seems to be so many programs on my new version of Debian GNU/Linux. I see all these weird sounding program names in the kicker pop-up window; each day I open a few of ’em just to see what they are! 😀

    • I too, have been getting used to Linux. I have no idea how to add programs and stuff if they don’t show up in what I think is called the Package Manager. On my Fedora, it is under System>Administration>Add/Remove Software. If they are there though, it is super easy to install them. Are you liking Linux so far? I am, except for the exceptions, which are mostly minor. I guess the biggest disappointment is that there is no Itunes for Linux! The mp3 players that are available are not as good as Itunes. But the other software – all FREE! – is so fantastic. Your switch to Linux partially influenced my switch – knowing another non-geek could go Linux made my move easier. The open source factor and the HUGE development community tickles my Daoist heart.

  2. I like Linux somewhat. It’s much faster than Windows and it’s open source. That said, I’ve been having a devil of a time working with command line functions. There have been several occasions in which I’ve followed the instructions to a tee and yet it doesn’t work like the instructions indicate. In fact, more often than not, it doesn’t work at all. It can be quite frustrating, at times.

    • I am afraid to even mess with the command line stuff. I have read several times to be careful in ROOT – that one could make the system unbootable. A computer friend actually did my install – I am so not a geek. I want to learn about this stuff. I got some books from the library – they are old for computer books, so not everything applies.

      It seems to me, these distributions are set up so that a plain user can operate completely within the window interface. If you need to do more, you need to know what you are doing. Well, we need to do more and aren’t sure what we are doing. It is frustrating, to be sure. I know my frustration is due to my partial lack of knowledge – I am bringing all that Windows baggage. But, I have been thinking, that since the install was shorter than Vista, and since I haven’t yet done anything major with it, I could mess around with the command/terminal interface. If I end up having to reinstall, no big deal.

      A friend who is moving in with me in a few weeks is a long time Linux user. I am hoping he can teach me a few things. I wish there was a book called Linux For The Absolute Beginner.

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