Worn out

I feel so tired.  I haven’t done anything these past 3 days.  Oh a little bit of knitting and a tiny bit of sewing.  Well, I did sweep the 200 feet of sidewalk clear of snow twice.  That is something and could explain in part my exhaustion.  But not wholly.  I am managing to do tai chi everyday, so that is good.  I am maybe not working out as much as I could be, but I have done at least one form per day since sometime in december.  That is good.  We have full coverage of snow, but what is the tough part is that it is like 0 degrees out there.  I also have left the house since tuesday night.  It’s now saturday, but still too cold for me to even go to a friend’s house to hang out.  I don’t wanna try and start the car.

I wish I had more energy.  It is perfect crafting weather.


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