Well, I don’t know what to blog.  I thought about sharing a recipe and I will do that later, but I didn’t feel like doing that much formatting at this time.  What else?  I could talk about food or tao or anything, but I don’t know what to say.  The blog isn’t even public yet.  Argh!

I am thinking about how I wanna share my recipes and thoughts on food.  Do I want pages for the recipes or just post them?  Food is a broad category.

I don’t know yet how open and personal I want to be on this blog.  I don’t really want it to be impersonal, but I have trepidation about laying my soul even semi-bare.  However, I starting this because I am forcing myself to keep Misha’s Needle about crafting and that makes it somewhat impersonal.

I want to get in the habit of posting to both blogs at least every other day, if not everyday.  Everyday seems like too much pressure right from the start.  But daily post would build up the site a bit.  Like Misha’s Needle is shaping up fairly well.  I am happy with how it is going. This blog is slower to get started because:

  • my time is taken up with the other blog
  • my time is taken up crafting
  • my depression prevents my feeling capable
  • I don’t have a clear vision of how this blog should be

It is more difficult to post on this blog than my other because Crafting is very tangible.  Steps must be followed, a finished object emerges.  Plus, the topics are narrow and focused.  Here, I am trying to encompass my life.  I must remember that I can always change something here.  Just start and see what happens.


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